Friday, January 22, 2021

Wandering Thoughts

 Wandering thoughts are sometimes good and sometimes not so good. In my weekly Bible Study, we had an introductory workshop on a book about Mindful Self Compassion. In one of the chapters, the author speaks of thoughts. She says to remember that thoughts are not facts, and that they should be let go. Oftentimes, this concept is hard to accomplish. Also, the author reminds us that sometimes we say ugly things to ourselves that we would never, ever think of saying to another person. We are now studying a book called Try Softer. This book focuses on compassionately listening to our own needs, so that we can move on in life with gentleness to ourselves. She also reminds us of the scripture from Mark 12:31 that says, Love your neighbor AS you love yourself. We often forget the part about AS YOU LOVE  YOURSELF. Well, I forget that part. 

So, I am trying really hard to be nicer to myself when my thoughts are wandering. I am trying to be nicer to myself when I drop something, or break something, or when I am alone thinking about the day and what I am doing or not doing. It seems that living in retirement is something that takes an adjustment in thinking, as well as a way of life. You change from doing so much for others and thinking of what you are to do every minute for others, to thinking about you and what you are going to do throughout the day. It is hard to learn how to take it slow and remember that it is okay to do one little thing at a time, rather than rush to accomplish numerous tasks in a few minutes or hours. 

I often like to go to the city lake and watch the variety of birds flying around or swimming. This past Sunday, there was a pelican swimming in the middle of the lake with some Canadian geese! I am not sure where he came from, as I have never seen a pelican there before. There were also two herons. They are really beautiful when their wingspans are out while they are flying. The Canadian geese also looked beautiful, as they flew right across the water with their necks stretched way out. There were also a lot of mallard ducks, with their pretty, green, shiny markings. Usually there are more of the big, black and white Muscovy ducks than regular types of geese and ducks. There were some really pretty snow white ducks swimming around, also. Those ducks are usually scared away by the big Muscovy ducks. Also, there were lots and lots of seagulls flying around. Watching these birds is very calming. Experiencing nature is an awesome thing.

Yesterday, I got really brave and went to Walmart and Sam's. It has been a long time since I walked around a Walmart store. Sam's is not as scary of a place to be in, since it is so big and spread out. Actually, Walmart was not so scary yesterday. Although a lot of cars were in the parking lot, there were not many people walking around in the store. I suppose that particular store is large enough so that people can be spread around in different areas. So, I felt pretty good about that accomplishment of going shopping.

Bike rides are a wonderful thing for me. It has been two weeks since I have been able to ride. The weather has not been conducive to getting outside and riding. It has been too cold. My three wheeler is a blessing to me, as it helps me exercise and get out in the sunshine. My cousin and I were finally able to get out on Wednesday, and we rode about 7 miles. We went out yesterday, but the rain cut our ride short. If the rain stays away today, I will get out and ride for a while.

Thoughts...they can be good, or they can be not so good. They can be helpful, or not so helpful. Either way, we all have them. We just have to learn how to keep them in check, productive, and helpful. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Yes, we do need to give ourselves some grace. It is a hard thing to do. And yes, we often feel guilty in retirement because we are not "doing" anything. But in this season of life I think we are allowed to enjoy the small things.